Real Estate Mentor Program Application

“Change Your Life”

The purpose of this Application is to familiarize our Pre-Screener with the Applicant. The answers to your questions will contribute to your being or not being accepted into the program. We have found that there is a definite correlation between Applicants who apply for the trainings and those answers on this Application. We only ask that you answer truthfully. Regardless of your answers, you will be further screened in person or by telephone. We will be customizing your Business Plan so you can achieve your goals in the program.

Please answer the following list of questions as indicated.

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Best Contact Phone
Today's Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
How did you hear about our mentor program?
What are your goals in terms of "How many deals do you want to do per year?"
Are you looking to buy your own home? (Yes or No)
Are you interested in wholesaling real estate? (Yes or No)
Are you interested in buying rental income properties? (Yes or No)
Are interested in doing rehabs? (Yes or No)
Have you completed any deals to date? (Give a number value)
What are your Fears about real estate investing that have stopped you or held you back?
Please take a little time and write down everything that concerns you about investing. This information is very important to us so we can customize your personal program for best results.
What type of computer(s)/tablet do you have available to use?
How many hours a day will you be committing to your investing career?
Please enter your name to confirm you understand the proposed application is not an acceptance into the Mentor Program and that you read and understood the above information.
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