How to become a top Realtor ® Using Real Estate Agent Training

How to become a top Realtor ® Using Real Estate Agent Training

Learn how to become a top Realtor ® by using a few proven successful techniques.

This Realtor® Really Got It and Doubled His Commission after putting into action what I taught him at a seminar. When speaking to groups of Realtor’s® I am often asked “ How to become a top Realtor® in real estate? ” I usually start my answer to this question by explaining how to legally and ethically double or triple their commissions on deals with investors. I even have an annual Realtor® Investor Conference to explain how to better interact with us as investors. In most cases it falls on deaf ears. However two days ago I was shocked and awed by one agent’s actions and the results after speaking to me about how to become a top Realtor®.

Our Student got a property under contract and we marketed it to our buyers list for over a week.

How To Become A Top Realtor ®

How To Become A Top Realtor®

The Student’s price was too high even after the seller gave a price reduction but the property needed too much work and the seller wouldn’t reduce his price a second time so it didn’t sell through our system. Typically our wholesale deals sell in 24 to 72 hours after going out to our email list.

A day before the inspection period was over, the Student went back to the listing agent and explained that her “funding partner” wouldn’t fund the property and she was going to cancel before the inspection period was over. Because the property had been listed for like what seemed like forever on the MLS®, the agent had just received another offer at the full listing price.

The agent then suggested to our Student that he refer the latest buyer that approached him as a buyer for the Student to sell the property to him instead of cancelling the contract. This “insight” by the agent was not only creative but also in the best interest of all the parties involved. He is already on his way to learning how to become a top Realtor® by taking action.

Had the agent allowed the contract to expire he would have made a $6,000 commission when he resold the property to his only other buyer at the full list price. Had the Student closed on the property the agent would have made a $5,000 commission at the Student’s reduced price. However, what he asked for was a full 6% on the investor’s leg (A – B closing) which was already part of his listing agreement and another 6% on the second leg (B – C). The letters “A” designate the original seller, “B” designates the investor/Student and “C” represents the end-buyer.

All the players in this transaction (listing agent, Student, end-buyer, brokerage firm, closing agent, etc.) had a vested interest in seeing the deal close. All would have been losers had it not closed. The property had a history of failed closings because of condition and code violation issues so the Student’s potential closing was the perfect storm that needed to happen.

In short, we told the Student to sign a contract with the agent’s new buyer and pay the 6% commission. The Student made a net profit of almost $9,000 after all costs and the listing agent made commissions of over $14,000! The agent’s willingness to think outside the box not only made him a double commission but it got the deal done. The Student had no money in the transaction as she used transactional funding to close the A – B leg and the B – C leg was funded by the end-buyer’s money.

Everyone involved in the transaction was a winner thanks to an open-minded agent who wanted to see the deal get done rather than simply grabbing a single commission and running. There are more than 9 other ways I can show you how to become a top Realtor®. Would you like to legally double or triple your commissions on your deals? Also we did suggest one of these other ways to this agent so that he could have made even more money in this deal. However, he was so excited to make double commissions he wanted the “bird in the hand” method for referring a buyer and getting a second commission.

Are you thinking should I become a Realtor®, or looking for ways how to become a top Realtor®? Your mindset should be how do I become a million dollar Realtor®. I have developed for you real estate agent courses with this goal in mind.  If you would like to find out how to become a successful Realtor®, click the button below.


How To Become A Top Realtor

To your limitless success,

Dave Dinkel

Real Estate Mentor Program Founder

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