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Real Estate Mentor

Thinking about getting a Real Estate Mentor? Don’t Until You Do This… As the real estate market has improved and the job market continues to frustrate people, real estate gurus are popping up everywhere and real estate investing along with finding a real estate mentor is looking more appealing to a lot of people. But…
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Real Estate Rehabbers Update

Real Estate Rehabbers Update Years ago I finished a complete rehab on a kitchen and was admiring my handy work. The rehab included new plumbing, cabinets, electric, granite counter tops and the removal of a half wall to open the kitchen to the dining room which greatly enlarged the floor plan and added additional cabinets.…
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Assignment of Real Estate Contract

Assignment of Real Estate Contract – Do Your Homework! How to use an Assignment of Real Estate Contract on something you don’t own.  The question that constantly comes up in wholesaling real estate is “How can you sell something you don’t own?” You can’t sell something you don’t own UNLESS you have an equitable interest…
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What is the “Year of The Roof” in Real Estate Investing?

Real Estate Investing – Roofs and What They Mean to You Typically when we think about The Year of something, we think of Chinese calendar years.  They refer to animals such as the Year of the Monkey or the Year of the Tiger.  In this case the Year of the Roof has nothing to do with…
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Driving for Dollars | Real Estate Mentoring

How Has Driving for Dollars Changed Since 1975? When I started investing in real estate in 1975 one of the only ways to find motivated sellers was to drive neighborhoods and look for them (what I call driving for dollars). Obviously they weren’t in their front yards waiving red flags. Instead their yards were overgrown,…
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Real Estate Mentoring Warning

 Watch this important video describing real estate mentoring and what you need to know to succeed. Real estate mentoring is a huge decision and you need to know what you’re getting in the program. What Materials and Courses Does a Student Get with the Mentoring Program? After years of improving the real estate mentoring materials…
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Real Estate Mentor Program Student Gets Shocked

Real Estate Mentor Program Student Learns About Exploding Electrical Panels. A real estate mentor program student recently decided to cherry pick a wholesale property he got under contract and do a complete rehab instead of flipping it. The property had what were mostly serious cosmetic issues that he got for a price at 1/5 of…
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Destroying the Land Trust Privacy Shield

Land Trust Privacy Shield In Question. I have been using land trust privacy concept for many years and aside from a few closing agents not understanding them they have been flawless for keeping me anonymous in the public record. In addition, they can limit the beneficiary’s liability to a specific property versus all the assets…
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Real Estate Mentor Student Learns Reverse BPO Appraisal

Real Estate Mentor Student Gets A Lesson on Reverse BPO Values. My real estate mentor student did everything correct when he met with his appraiser. Even after 40 years in real estate investing we are always finding out new things. Recently an FHA appraiser and home inspector did an appraisal for one of our real…
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Private Money Real Estate Lenders

Private Money Real Estate Lenders Are Readily Available If You Know Where To Look. Should you consider using private money real estate lenders as an option for your next real estate deal? No doubt that private money is the least expensive of funding options for real estate transactions. Private money is “safe” money that individuals…
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