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How to get Maximum Profits with Minimum Effort

Making a Profit in Real Estate with Minimum Effort Maximizing profits in real estate investing usually refers to rehabbing a property and selling it to a retail buyer. However, rehabbing takes maximum effort assuming you don’t have someone else doing all the work. For this discussion, we will look at three ways to get the…
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How to Make 5 to 6 Times the Usual Wholesale Spread

Learn about Wholesaling Real Estate Wholesaling real estate traditionally has been used to make fast money without having to purchase properties. The property is put under contract with the longest possible inspection period so the buyer (investor) can sell the property without having to put up a deposit or actually close on the house. When…
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How to Determine What the Property Can Really Sell For in Any Market

Determining Property Values – What It Can Sell for in Any Market Determining property values in the past was much easier than it is today. In the good-old-days of two years ago, it was easy to look at comparable sales in the neighborhood and determine a Fair Market Value (“FMV”) for your property. It was…
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How to Do a Very Quick “Rule of Thumb” Estimate of Repairs

Evaluating Real Estate Repair Costs As an investor becomes more proficient at evaluating repair costs he learns what to expect for any sized property. Size does matter when dealing with repairs.  The bigger the home, the more expensive for the basic mechanical systems. Mechanical systems include the roof, structural aspects, air and heating, windows and…
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How to Keep the Pros from Stealing Your Deals Already Under Contract

How to Save Real Estate Deals Under Contract From Other Investors Discovering how to keep professional real estate investors from stealing your signed deals almost sounds paranoid. Unfortunately it is an all too common occurrence that professional investors (“pros”) use to get the deal. The pros or their representatives (commission based and hungry) make a…
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How to Really Buy Houses With No Little or No Money and No Credit

How to Flip Houses with No Money and No Credit It is not a myth that you can buy properties with no cash or credit. As we will see, in a few cases minimal funds may be needed, but the buyer’s credit is never an issue. You can “buy” a property by putting it under…
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How to Make Offers That Sellers Take Over Even Higher Offers

How to Get Started in Real Estate with Making Offers Getting a seller to sell you a property at less than they are offered by another buyer seems ridiculous, but it isn’t. I have often had the problem with wholesalers making a presentation to a seller that I have been “courting” and made an offer.…
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How Does the Competition Price Their Offers to Sellers?

How to Make a Perfect Real Estate Offer Over the Competition When you meet with a homeowner, and you will have to do this to get the best deals, you will find that the most motivated ones have contacted every “Cash for Houses” advertiser on the internet and from local bandit signs. This means that…
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Real Estate Investment Tips for Success

Three Real Estate Investment Tips Essential to Your Success For successful real estate investing, you need at least three traits.  These traits can be natural habits but are more likely formed from day-to-day discovering what it takes to get real estate deals completed.  While they may seem obvious, they are not always common.  The reality is that all three…
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Is the EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) in or Not and Does it Really Matter?

Keeping Track of the Earnest Money Deposit and Why You Should Care “Is the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) in or not” is a simple question.  Yet it is of huge importance to doing real estate deals efficiently and without encountering major problems in your deals.  While many Purchase and Sale Agreements (Contracts) stipulate that the…
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