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The Secrets of Wholesaling Lease Options

Wholesaling Lease Options – Some Do’s and Don’ts In many parts of the country, lease options haven’t worked for years because prices were too high to cover a mortgage payment and many homeowners refinanced and cashed out their equity. So the only properties that made sense were those that were either free and clear of…
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Does the Closing Agent Really Matter?

Importance of Closing Agent in Real Estate Investing The question I get frequently is “Does the closing agent really matter?” The simple answer is definitely “Yes!” The closing agent is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is you want to make sure he will close the deal for you if…
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Infinite Returns for Real Estate Investors Using Other People’s Money

Creative Real Estate Financing I think the biggest misconception about real estate investing is that it requires money and the more money the better. Actually, if you don’t have any money, real estate investing more accurately requires the investor to understand the use of creative real estate financing tactics and how to present these to…
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Grumpy Old Investor Got Dinked Part 1

Real Estate Investment Advisory – Learn from My Experience The moral of this story is best said to be “No good deed goes unpunished”. A new investor called me and said she had a deal with a potential $30K profit. As a Realtor®  she had worked her way through a short sale and found a…
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Are Asset Managers and Loss Mitigation Specialists Out of Their Mind?

I get this question all the time – “Are the Asset Managers and Loss Mitigation Reps out of their mind or what?” Usually the person telling me that goes on to relate that he/she heard certain lenders are hiring former restaurant dishwashers for these important positions. I can’t confirm if that’s true, but there are some really interesting people in positions of authority at local…
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WARNING – Don’t let the REO Addendum Bite You

REO Addendum Warning We almost got taken recently and so could you if you are buying any REO’s. We have closed on hundreds of these so don’t start assuming we are novices at what I am explaining next. We were set to send in a deposit check for an REO deal and the contract was ready to be signed. The seller’s Addendum…
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Famous Realtor® Quotes That Have Killed Investor Dreams

The Conflict between Investors and Realtors ® The following is just a sampling of the feedback that I have heard from Realtors® via mentor students or by actual email they have sent in response to an offer they made on an REO. If I hadn’t seen many of these in writing, I wouldn’t have believed them either. “Your offer is at 17%…
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8 Critical Requirements for Successful Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing Requirements for Success I was a Wall Street Broker for 23 years and have been a real estate investor since 1975. As a stockbroker I got to see first-hand how fear motivated people into a herd mentality. This psychology is driven by newspapers, TV, radio and other media sources that take an extreme position in what I believe is…
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How to Make Offers That Make Sellers Eager to Sell to You

Making Real Estate Offers Making real estate offers that sellers are eager to accept is the key to being very successful in real estate investing. While this sounds very obvious, most investors are obsessed with getting the deal at the expense of really making the deal work for the seller. Importantly, price is often not…
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How to Legally Make Money Selling Properties That You Don’t Own

Make Money Selling Real Estate Because of the changing market conditions in the real estate industry, it feels to sellers like all the buyers have disappeared. Wouldn’t it be easier to sell properties if you had buyers before you had to sell houses? The realm of having buyers come to you has long been the…
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