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Kissy, Kissy, Smoochy, Smoochy – I Love Realtors®

Learn to be an Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent or How to Find One I looked forward to writing this article about as much as twisting my little finger off with a pair of pliers. It started when a real estate broker and mentor student called to say that she now understands why I hate Realtors® (to…
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Options to the Dilemma of Owner / Seller Financing

Seller Financing – What Choices does an Investor Have? It happens on a regular basis.  Someone will ask me about doing owner / seller financing on a property they own so they can sell it to a buyer who can’t get a conventional mortgage. The logic is simple.  It’s better to take some income on the property than…
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Is Bulk REO Investing Equal to Quicksand and Alligators or Nirvana?

Bulk REO Investing – Are They Something for an Investor to Look Into? Nearly every day we have students or other investors tell us about possible deals from bulk REO investing packages or “tapes” as they are called in the trade. Simply put, lenders take a group of properties that have major problems and can’t…
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What Happens if You Butt Heads With an REO Listing Agent?

Listing Agent Difficulties? Learn How to Fight and Overcome the Obstacles This should be short and sweet depending on whose side you are on with listing agent difficulties. A student makes the usual ridiculously low offer for an REO (bank owned property) and gets rejected. The student personally feels rejected, but I explain persistence pays. Low…
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Why Do You Need Title Insurance in Real Estate Investing?

Why Do You Need Title Insurance?  Learn from this example… A marketable title is an insurance policy on a property. We recently closed on an REO with a not very adept title company located in the central part of Florida. The trouble started early when we asked for a title commitment.  We were told we couldn’t have it…
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Bidding on REOs Can Be Both Fun and Frustrating

The whole cycle of bidding on Bank Owned properties (REOs) is exciting and very frustrating for many reasons. Mostly the issue is about what the listing agent tells the perspective bidders and the reality of the market.  These are two very distinct differences. The prices REOs have been sold at depend on the property’s condition, location, willingness of the Asset…
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Are Rogue Realtors® Becoming Escrow Deposit Vampires?

Guard Your Escrow Deposit Fiercely A wholesaler and longtime friend called me to ask if either I or any of my students was looking at two specific properties. He gave me the addresses but they didn’t strike a bell with me. I asked why and he went on to relate that he had contracts on both.  The Realtors® involved had stolen…
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Shortcuts to Finding Real Estate Deals by Driving for Dollars

Have You Tried This Real Estate Marketing Strategy? Driving for dollars as a real estate marketing strategy has been the source of literally millions of deals for investors, and even buyers looking to live in these properties. Many investors have become millionaires by simply driving neighborhoods, or having bird dogs do it for them. But…
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Property Inspections – Are Home Inspectors Stealing Investor Deals?

Property Inspections – Could It Be A Source of Competition? Now it’s happened twice in a short period of time so you need to know about it so it doesn’t happen to you. We have the usual players in the following deals – an investor, a seller, and a property inspector.  In the second case we’ll discuss, another investor looking to…
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Seven Things Lenders Are Doing to Dispose of REO’s by Reducing Their Dependence on Realtors®

Distressed Real Estate Investment See How Lenders Are Trying to Change the Game It’s happening – some lenders have had it with all the stuff they have to get through to get out of distressed REO properties and are looking for answers to make their lives simpler. They are targeting Realtors® in a number of ways.  First they are in…
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