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How Do You Handle Code-Enforcement Bullies?

After a recent club meeting I was grabbing a late dinner and met up with a friend who is in charge of purchasing for a national hedge fund. He is meticulous and successful at what he does and he follows strict purchase criteria of price range, condition and specific neighborhoods. As he and my partners…
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What Is Reverse Home Staging in Real Estate?

Staging in real estate is where a seller does a temporary beautification of a property.  The furnishings are usually rented or supplied by the listing agent with the intent of selling the home more quickly.  The listing agent may do the staging in exchange for a listing agreement.  However, reverse staging is the opposite of…
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How do You Comp Rental Properties in 5 Seconds or Less?

Many investors have a problem with determining what offer price to make for mufti-family properties. I am not talking about a single family home (SFH) being rented but pure rental income properties. Hedge funds have been buying SFH’s like crazy not because the yields are great, but because of eventual price appreciation when they resell…
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Why Can’t I Get My Earnest Money Deposit Refund?

When a buyer cancels because he is tired of waiting to get the deal closed, is that a legitimate reason not to close? Look at your contract because that’s what will govern his losing his EMD or walking away simply because of buyer’s remorse and not forfeiting his EMD… The types of problems that we…
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Grasping the Concept of Wholesaling Real Estate

Where do you begin to learn wholesaling real estate? One of the issues that has often kept newbie investors from getting started is understanding the concept of wholesaling. While the definition may be simple, “Buy a property at one price and sell it higher”, the bigger concern is how this can be done without having…
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Should You Ever Sign A Hold Harmless Agreement At Closing?

Typically a hold harmless agreement is between a buyer and seller.  The intent is to pass on any liability associated with the property to the buyer. It is important to read the agreement thoroughly before signing it.  You need to understand what you could be getting yourself into after you own the property. These agreements…
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How Many Earnest Money Deposits Did The Seller Collect?

A Student called me and said that he had advertised a property for sale that he just got under contract the previous day. I had worked with him for a while to get the seller to agree to a longer inspection period and a smaller deposit.  The seller finally relented. This seller had purchased the…
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Quitclaim Deed – When and Why It Should Be a Warning Sign

Beware Of Sellers Offering Only A Quitclaim Deed I got a call from a Student asking me if I knew how to help a friend of hers.  The friend had purchased a condo for $35,000 which was well below Fair Market Value (FMV) and seemed to be a good deal.  The seller gave the buyer…
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What Is A Hedge Fund Haircut?

Hedge Funds and Real Estate Investing Hedge funds in real estate are not new to the investing game. They have been historically called Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).  Hedge funds have been around for at least 40 years. Their success has ebbed and waned because they are susceptible to interest rate swings.  As interest rates…
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You Made How Much on the Rehab?

I don’t relate these actual occurrences except to help readers understand how things can sometimes go horribly wrong in real estate investing. In this case a very experienced and successful Student purchased a property for $185,000.  He decided not to wholesale it for a quick $35,000 profit. Instead he believed he could get $330,000 if…
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